Metal guitar Tone | How it's done?

I know a little secret on how you can make your guitar sound metal. It is only a matter of being creative for what you have, like out from your stomp boxes. Well, you may say that you can easily buy a high gain pedal, and you can already have a metal tone. Yes, it is great. However, we need more than that. If you have a tube amp then it would be easy, all you need is an overdrive pedal, and you're done. You can do that, if you have the budget to buy a decent tube amp. This is a "newbie" site, remember? So I will show you how you can get a metal tone from half decent stomp boxes, and with a solid state amp.

First of all, you need a distortion pedal, and it would be best if you have a high-gain distortion pedal. Some of the examples are the distortion made by Boss, BlackStar and Electro Harmonix. Anyway, a high-gain pedal already has high-gain output. We all know that metal guitarists have this creamy and muddy sound, and we want to get that sound somehow. Of course, we cannot get that out from those pedals, but we can get close to that.

The next thing you will need is an overdrive pedal. An overdrive pedal is a boost pedal that will help push the signal. Good examples of overdrive pedals are the ones made by Boss, MXR BlackStar, Ibanez, etc. Put the overdrive pedal before the high-gain distortion pedal, then to the amplifier. This is similar to the image you are seeing below. If you have a Reverb and Delay pedal then it would be even nicer. All you have to do now is set the equalizer to the settings good to your ears.

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