Best boost pedal

This is really a question, and we (newbie) should know what to be picked precisely.

First of all, what is a boost pedal? A boost pedal is a pedal that pushes the guitar signal higher. At some point, guitar signal is boosted very hard, and it becomes distorted. These are the overdrive pedals, which do intend to do so. For rock and metal genres this is great, because they want that kind of thing. Some of the examples are like the Boss OD1 and MXR ZW-44.

On the other hand, there are also genres that want something else, which is the clean boost. For this, you can use a pedal that is made just for that. Actually, I know one, and it is made by Dunlop. It is the "Line Driver", and it is excellent for clean boosting. It gives a boost without coloring your tone. This is also great to place on your pedal board to minimize the signal lost along the path.

Now, how you will choose the best boost pedal? It is very simple actually, and it is up to you. If you are into a clean guitar type of genres, then you go for clean boost. Otherwise, you can go for the other pedals for distorted tones. There is no better way of doing your selection rather than testing them all yourself. Music stores do give chances to customers to feel their products. You can freely test all of them, and if you don't find one then say thank you and leave. This is the best way, and of course try getting at-least those half-decent pedals.

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