Guitar Chords

I am sorry guys, because I think I forgot this topic for a while. However, it's never too late, so now let us check the guitar chords.

Anyway, guitar chords are very important simply because it is the pattern that we should be following when playing guitar. Well, it is really great if we can read the actually notes, like the ones used by pianists. The guitar chords as we know it comes with lines and dots. This is probably the simplest way to look for the notes that our fingers should follow.

Basically, a guitar chord chart has sets of notes from A to G. From A to G, there will be variations, which will give you their Majors, Minors, 7th, 6th, Sus, Dim, etc. The best way to learn this is to follow what it tells you to do. A good example is the Amaj. Every chart you will see on a guitar chord chart has six vertical lines, which represents the string number. From left to right it simply means string 6 to 1. Another is the lines arranged in horizontal, which only indicates the frets and downward means towards high notes. The next thing would be the numbers on the top o the guitar chord chart. Number 1 is referring to your index finer, then 2 is your middle finger, 3 for ring finger and 4 for pinky or baby finger. If you ever see a strong line on the top or rather a bold line then it only means that you should start doing the chord on the first fret. Otherwise, it will be indicated at the side of those lines on what position you will be starting the guitar chords. Nevertheless, it is granted that you have your guitar, of course. Without the guitar, it is very hard to understand this.
Anyway, the chord of Amaj is (as you can see on the image below) starts on the first fret. However, you will start pointing your fingers after it. In the case of this image, there are no bold lines or strong lines above it, and yet you will start on the first fret. The thing is, it doesn't have any number on the side of the chord either. It is then considered on the first fret, and this is another way of determining where to start the guitar chords. As you may notice, there is also a letter "X" on the sixth string. This only means that you shouldn't be including that on your strum. And the "0" only means that it is an open note where you should include it to the set.

Another example is the Gmin, and notice that it is set to start on the third fret, which is indicated by the number 3 on its side.

Well, these are only examples of guitar chords, and they have the same concept on how to learn. There are tons more, and you can even create your own. I hope this helps to you fellow newbies out there. Thanks. Enjoy. =)

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