Best distortion pedal

Many newbies are asking if what is or are the best distortion pedal. Even I asked the same question a long time ago, simply because I have many reasons. I guess many newbies have similar reasons why they asked that certain question.

Reason #1. I don't have the budget to buy more than one distortion pedal.
Reason #2. I don't have a decent amp (tube amp), all I have is a hybrid.
Reason #3. I don't know which one simply because I want to copy the sound of my favorite guitarists.
Reason #4. I totally don't have any idea, because good sources of information like the Internet are not yet available.

These are some of the reasons, and I am definitely sure that there are tons more.

Anyway, choosing the best distortion pedal is not exactly based from your idea of copying others' tone. What I am trying to say here is, you must be creative. Create your own tones, and be unique. That is the first thing actually. After your struggle of creating your own sound you will then notice that you need a distortion pedal that you like. Well, at first I thought this was not possible, but you can actually try those ones in the music store. Alright, again I am saying this to you guys, "buy at least something half-decent guitar devices". The reason why is very simple, and it is they sound better "period".

Well, the store will let you test their pedal, of course, test them with a lot of care. If you break it then you will pay for it, so please be very careful. Now, if you don't find a pedal that will sound nice to your ear then go to the other store, then to another. Music is a continues search for almost anything with regards to it, so please be patient. This is true, and it happened to me back then.

If you find great one, then it is the best distortion pedal for you. Basically, every distortion pedal sound has distinctive tonality. Just make sure that the tone will match what you are up to. Guys, this is my opinion on how you will find the best distortion pedal, and I hope it helps.

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