From my point of view | The difference between Overdrive and Distortion pedal

A lot of beginners are asking what the difference between an overdrive and distortion pedal is. Basically, an overdrive pedal is adding little dirt to your guitar tone. On the other hand, a distortion pedal can give you a big amount of gain that will make your tone a lot dirtier.

An overdrive pedal is used to add a little dirt to the guitar tone or give a boost to an already dirty signal. For all we know, guitar amplifiers do have this crunch feature that will make your guitar sound dirty. You can use an overdrive pedal to boost the signal even more producing a creamy tone, and muddy tone for metal sounds. Of course, you need to first have an amp from those high-end ones. I am talking about those tube amps, and they actually produce great tones.

Anyway, the distortion pedal can give your guitar massive amounts of gain that will give your guitar a muddy tone as well. The tone will also be creamy but not that creamy as the combination of the tube amp and overdrive pedal. Most of the time distortion pedals are used on amps that are made with solid state components. I am talking about those solid state amps. They cost a lot cheaper compare to those tube ones. Well, it is your choice, and it is up to you to what you want actually. If you can produce great and distinctive sound out from a solid state amp then go on. By the way, experimenting is the best tool to lead you to your tone destination. 

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