The first post | My point of view about Music.

I believe that music was created to everyone. I consider this as a tool to share anything that has something to do with one's feelings, emotion, thoughts, etc. I am also thinking that many musicians are thinking the same way as I am. This is a passion, and this is a crusade to promote a certain language that everybody will understand.

Music comes in many different genres, and this is a good thing actually. Not only it will create options, but also is making the world of music a lot colorful. Some of the examples of what I am talking about are genres like rock, RNB, metal, hip-hop and classic. Those are just examples, and definitely there are tons of them, and even more there are also sub-genres for each of them. It will only depend on the musicians and listeners to choose whatever they want. Well, I prefer those rock and metal genres, and they are good to my ears.

Music is something that is free, and you can choose to whatever instrument you want. You can even create music out from things you can't imagine can create good notes. Some musicians actually used instruments out from scrap materials like from water pipes, pot-shaped percussion, etc. They are free to do so, and they are creating wonderful notes. We can say that music is like a water pump, and you are getting your water from the sea. The resources for music are vast and seems endless. It is all about being creative and passionate. I believe that when you have those two criteria, then you can make something out of them.

Anyway, on my succeeding posts, hopefully, I'll be discussing a lot about music and about instruments we can use to make music. I will also be discussing accessories, especially for guitars, like stomp boxes and multi-effects pedals. I will as well include some tips on how you can build one, by giving you some advices and of course their schematics. Thank you very much, stay tuned for more music "newbie" things.

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