Compressor Pedal

As newbies, you may be asking what is a compressor pedal, and what it can offer to our guitar tone. First of all, a compressor pedal is a pedal that will put all the string volumes into equilibrium. Each string of the guitar differs in volume actually, and this what cause you to learn dynamics. Learning on how to do dynamics is really a big help, and it will create great guitar sounding. However, there are times that a guitarist would want compression on his or her sound when it is needed, like maybe on rhythm sections.

Many guitarists do use a compressor pedal on their guitar sounding because of its ability to introduce sustain. It can actually amplify the guitar's sustain, and this what gives guitar tones last longer than without one. Of course, a good setup of guitar and using other pedals can also add sustain. However, the compressor pedal does it actually, and it intends to give you that on a snap.

Sometimes too much of everything is not good. What I am trying to say here is too much compression will decrease the signal attack. It is better to set your compressor pedal into the setting you want as minimal as possible. You will set it just enough to balance the volume of all strings.

A good example of compressor pedal is like the one made by MXR, the dyna comp. It has been uses by different guitarists all over the world including those famous ones, and even today. The dyna comp is a compact-designed compressor pedal that does great compressing sounding to your guitar. It got only got two knobs, the output and sensitivity knob, and a good mixing of the two can introduce a great sound. Dyna comp runs on 9V DC, and I think the company already gave it an input to run on AC to DC adapter. Anyway, you can try that, but of course, you can also do test all the pedals a music store does have and buy one that will suit your taste.

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